John P. Flynn, P.E., CFEI., Principal Engineer

John FlynnJohn P. Flynn, P.E., CFEI, has a Master of Arts Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College. Mr. Flynn is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) licensed in New York State. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Technician and Specialist and is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI).

He has testified as an expert in a variety of courts. Mr. Flynn has extensive experience in construction system site testing, construction fastening systems, forensic investigation of catastrophic failures, and all elements of building inspection. He is also an instructor in blast physics, blast pathology and the effects of blasts on structures. He conducts seminars specific to building construction and the response to unusual and inordinate stressors. Mr. Flynn is also an accomplished teacher and lecturer, and  he has authored articles on fire science and structural issues.


James Koester, P.E., Principal Engineer

James KoesterJames Koester, P.E., has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Lehigh University. Mr. Koester is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the States of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida. He is a consulting Engineer with over 22 years of experience investigating construction defects, property damage claims, liability claims and construction claims, structural failure investigations and evaluation of building damage due to explosions, fire, wind, flood and water intrusion. His experience includes all types of building and structure damages as well as investigating claims related to manufacturing equipment, personal injury accidents, retaining walls, marine structures, fire protection systems, elevators and escalators, and more. Directed some post 9/11 operations in New York City and over 300 projects following Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma. In total, Mr. Koester has 39 years of experience in engineering and construction project management.

Robert Flynn, P.E., CFEI, Engineer

Robert FlynnRobert Flynn, P.E., has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Villanova University. Mr. Flynn is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the states of New York and Connecticut. He is an experienced forensic engineer specializing in civil and structural systems. He has inspected and produced reports of the structural systems of large-scale professional sports stadiums and responsible for demolition and stabilization plans for a variety of structures across New York City. Robert is also a certified Excel Tribometrist for slip, trip and fall cases.

Yoandi Interian, P.E., Engineer

Yoandi InterianYoandi Interian, P.E., has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering Degree in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Mr. Interian is a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in the state of Connecticut. He has a wealth of industry experience in all phases of building engineering design, construction, and project management. He also has knowledge of local and national building codes as well as experience in the analysis and design of reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and timber structures. He also has forensic experience specializing in civil and structural systems.

Nicholas Fanelli, EIT

Nicholas FanelliNicholas Fanelli, EIT, has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Manhattan College. A recent graduate, Nicholas joins LGI as a Junior Engineer. He is directly working under the guidance and supervision of the President and CEO, the Engineering and Laboratory Director and other Senior Engineering and Expert staff on an as needed basis.