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Full Service Forensic Engineering

"Forensic Engineering is generally understood to mean the application of engineering principles and methodology to answer questions of fact that may have legal ramifications.  Thus, the determination of the cause of such failures requires familiarity with a broad range of disciplines, and an ability to pursue several lines of investigation simultaneously." --Randall Noon, Introduction to Forensic Engineering.  Forensic engineers use the scientific method to determine why a failure occurred. Forensic engineering has also been termed as investigative engineering, reverse engineering, origin and cause investigation and root cause analysis. LGI offers unparalleled technical expertise by well-seasoned, experienced professionals.

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LGI has built a reputation for being a leader in forensic engineering services on the East Coast. From an insurance perspective, all aspects of claims, whether commercial or residential, LGI is equipped with structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural engineers and investigators to assist you. From a litigation perspective, many LGI consultants have testified in court, have replicated their findings, and have provided the scientific and technical facts needed for a case or claim.

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State of the Art Research

LGI’s engineers, investigators and scientists analyze a failure, perform necessary tests, and conduct research until satisfied that the answer to “how did this happen?” is answered. LGI realizes that the formulation of an accurate opinion is the most critical factor as to how a claim or court case is resolved. LGI believes that the science tells the story, and proves it. LGI's laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art machines in our newly opened laboratory to assist you with all of your investigative needs. Access the “Services” tab above, and click on “Laboratory Services and Specialties” and “Laboratory Equipment and Uses” for more information.