Summary Judgement for Client

LGI Forensic Engineering, P.C. is pleased to announce that Rob Flynn, P.E., Engineer, assisted in obtaining a Summary Judgement for our attorney client, and their contractor client.

The plaintiff was injured while pouring concrete for mechanical pads on a building, when the metal roof decking collapsed. The client contractor had installed the original roof decking based on the specs for the job, and it was alleged they had installed the wrong gauge metal decking, which supposedly caused the collapse and injury to plaintiff.

Rob’s investigation and analysis showed that another contractor was brought in to make the mechanical pads larger, and they cut out the original metal decking and had installed inferior gauge metal decking in its place, which was the ultimate cause of the collapse and injury.

With this information in hand, the client attorney was able to make a motion for Summary Judgement for the contractor client, which was granted by the court. Excellent work Rob, you are a true professional!


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