LGI Lab Receives Praise for “Virtual” Examination

Karen Pietropaolo, President of LGI Forensic Laboratories, Inc. and Nick Pietropaolo, Video Conferencing Technician, received some great client feedback for the use of the remote cameras in the laboratory. The client said: “Thank you for your work on the video, audio and chat set up for the exam. It was much more efficient for me to attend the exam remotely. You did a great job and are nice people to work…

Steve Pietropaolo, MS, PE, CFEI, DFE Helps Client Achieve Summary Judgement

LGI was recently notified that the expert affadavit Steve Pietropaolo provided in support of the defendant’s summary judgement motion, was discontinued with prejudice as to the attorney’s client. The attorney client thanked Steve for his invaluable assistance in getting this matter resolved in favor of his client. Another job well done Steve!