More congrats for John Flynn

Congratulations to John Flynn for his participation in assisting one of our legal clients in having their motion for summary judgment granted by the court which dismissed the claims against their client. Way to go John!

Congrats to John Flynn

LGI recently received a thank you note from a client saluting John Flynn for an execellent inspection and report. Based on John’s work, the insured decided not to refute the claim. Way to go John!

High five for Rob Berryman!

“First and foremost, I want to thank you … for your professionalism, your expertise and your tireless efforts in this matter.  It is an absolute certainty that without your excellent work on this matter we could never have achieved the favorable result that we secured.  I truly belive that your reputation alone helped resolve this matter so favorably.”

Kudos to Barbara Bonilla!

Barbara, our Case Coordinator, recently received high praise from one of our clients.  “Thank you for contacting the insured right away to let her know that the engineer would be in touch to set up the inspection, I greatly appreciate you swift action for me.”